Wholesale Price Blower Motor 7G9T-18456A For Ford Mondeo-Zhisheng 2010 Fox Supplier

Place of Origin: China
Certificate: IATF 16949:2016
Application: FORD MONDEO, FOX
OE NO.: 7G9T-18456A
Payment Terms:TT , LC , Others

When the blower motor fails, only a small amount of air passes through the internal vents, depending on the amount of external air entering the climate system. If the fan is not working, check the motor fuses before pointing to the blower motor to make sure they are still intact. Many vehicles have two fuses for the blower motor, one in the internal fuse box and one under the hood. The blower motor is normally located under the passenger side instrument panel. We provide quality Blower Motor 7G9T-18456A For Ford Mondeo-Zhisheng 2010 Fox, whether you are interested in our products? Leave the message to inquiry for competitive price in bulk.

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OE No.: 7G9T-18456A



The operation of a blower motor is relatively simple. When voltage is applied to the electric motor, it spins. ... When heat is desired, air flow from the blower motor is directed to pass through the heater core. That causes the air to heat up, and hot air is subsequently blown out of the air vents.

Wenzhou Beigong Automobile Electric Company was established in June 12, 1992. We are specialized in the production of automobile radiator fan, automobile blower motor, and has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of the automobile cooling system.

Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including South America, Middle-East Area, Europe, America, Africa, India, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and have been applied to many models, such as PEUUGEOT, RENAULT, KIA, HYUNDAI, HONDA, TOYOTA, GM, FORD, NISSAN, VW, BMW, MERCEDEZ, PORSCHE, Great Wall and Changan and so on. And we also OE to "Chery" "Wuling" "Changfeng Cheetah" "FAW Group", "Changhe" and other domestic OEMs.

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