Radiator Fan

Many vehicles today use electric high speed radiator fan to push or pull air through the radiator and disperse engine heat. So what is radiator and how about its function? Simply said, the radiator fan, located between the radiator and the engine, is responsible for cooling the car and made the driver and passengers feel so comfortable. These cooling fans are especially useful when your car is too slow to get outside airflow, or when you are stationary. If you plan to find a replacement radiator fan motor suitable for your vehicle, first of all, as buyers, you have to purchase high cfm radiator fan products from trusted factory. 

As top automotive spare parts China electric radiator cooling fan manufacturers, we always provide and supply quality radiator fans with low price. Meanwhile, we OEM produce 12v radiator fan and fan motors for many foreign-model of car, such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, etc. Remember that, according to radiator fan types, you have to choose right type for car, one is mechanical and another radiator is electric type. The mechanical radiator normally popularly applies around older model car with rear wheel drive when electric radiator often found in modern cars and to be controlled through electric motor. Quality electric radiator cooling fan products with low cost only could be purchased through top China manufacturer like us. Meanwhile, we provide kinds of auto parts such as Fan motor, fan assembly, blower motor besides radiator fan.