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When it comes to heat dissipation characteristics, everybody wants to know more or less based on people's previous manuscripts. You can also refer to the motor selection from the main parameters of motor selection such as rolling bearings and exhaust air volume. So what factors will jeopardize the cooling characteristics of the cooling fan?

1. Rolling bearings for automobile radiator fans

Rolling bearings that are widely used in cooling fans include oil-bearing bearings and ball bearings. Oil-bearing bearings are generally cheaper and have a low initial rotation noise. Some manufacturers also add Teflon to oil-bearing bearings to promote oil-bearing bearings. Credibility, after which the manufacturer will sell such rolling bearings at sky-high prices. The noise of the cooling fan of the ball bearing is larger than that of the oil bearing, and the price is more expensive than the oil bearing, but its advantage is higher reliability and longer service life than the oil bearing.

2. The mechanical equipment of the radiator is widely believed that the larger the radiator, the higher the heat dissipation characteristics.

In fact, it is an incorrect consciousness. The advantage of a large fan depends on the length of the fan blades and the total area of heat dissipation, so the total air flow is large. But if the design scheme is not good, the heat dissipation capability of the large fan will not be as good as that of the small fan. After looking at the cooling fan leaves, if the same electric fan remains the same, only change the leaves from five to seven fan blades, and the change in exhaust air volume will not be easily improved. However, in terms of the speed ratio of the electric auto fan, the speed ratio of the seven-fan blades will be less than that of the five-blade blades (under the same natural ventilation). If the seven-blade car ac cooling fan is used, the rolling bearing is damaged and the oil leakage is relatively low. , The service life of the electric fan is longer.

If the five-blade and seven-blade blades have the same rotation speed, the seven-blade blades will discharge more air. The higher the speed ratio of the cooling fan, the shorter the relative service life and the greater the noise. In addition, the thicker the fan blades of the cooling fan and the greater the angle of inclination of the leaves, the greater the air pressure. The inlet angle of the fan blades of the cooling fan (45 is the larger) is one of the key factors in determining the exhaust volume of the cooling fan.