Hot Sale Prime Quality Fan Motor 21487-3Gf1A For Nissan Sylphytida With Low Price

Place of Origin: China
Certificate: IATF 16949:2016
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
OE NO.:21487-3GF1A

Fan motor is important part for automobile, for some tips as it is break down: The fan does not start when AC power is on, which may be an obvious sign that the motor is faulty. When the air conditioner operates without fan circulating air, it will eventually cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Once this happens, your air conditioning unit may suffer more serious damage. Turn off the air conditioning and call the HVAC technician. Here the step for checking about AC no working: The motor is located in the condenser unit. Listen for a buzz to tell you that the air conditioning compressor is working. Next, see the fan through the vent at the top of the unit. Is the fan blade rotating?

The working of a fan is basically contains a single phase induction motor. The fan capacitor torques up the electric motor, allowing it to start and run. An electrical current reaches the motor and then enters coils of wire that are wrapped around a metal base.


OE NO.: 21487-3GF1A
Car type: NISSAN G11/1.6, SYLPHY/NISSAN C12, 11-15TIIda

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