Radiator fan products from us always win the good comment from oversea buyers because we are specializing in producing and designing about related products such as automotive cooling fan, fan assembly, radiator fan, fan motor assembly and so on. As more than 15 years experiences in auto industry, we conclude enough production experience. The fan system works by forcing air through the radiator and its function is to promote and support engine temperature management. A good quality fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the engine, which is more efficient and safer in the process of driving. If the size of fan is too large, it may lead to excessive consumption and fire hazard, we also supply OEM for fan. If the size is insufficient, the performance is not enough to cause overheating or air conditioning failure. Improperly designed fans can also generate noise and vibration, which can lead to failure (motor or shroud). 

The new vehicle is designed with a smaller front grille and a smaller under hood space, which enhances the need for forced airflow. The automotive cooling fan system provides effective airflow and optimizes the heat exchange of the radiator. It is usually located in the front of the vehicle, in front of or behind the radiator. We have extensive experience in developing engine management system products and provide the best technical solutions for the challenging after-sales market. Meanwhile, also offer a series of intelligent radiator and a complete set of engine cooling products.