Buy Manufacture Price Blower Motor B501123-0400 For Changan In China In Bulk

Place of Origin: China
Certificate: IATF 16949:2016
Application: Chevrolet New Epica
OE NO.: 9072873
Payment Terms:TT , LC , Others

If you solve this problem, you can enjoy the warm air in the colder days of the year. When it's cold, you can stay comfortable and make your car a comfortable place. Replacement of blower motor starts with vehicle diagnosis. The mechanics union wanted to find out what caused the problem and whether it belonged only to the engine and not to the broader problem. On some vehicles, the mechanic needs to remove the steering column, part of the windshield wiper and more to access the blower motor. This can take a while and it is expensive. So quality blower motor is very important for end users. The Blower Motor B501123-0400 we made For Changan brand always win its good comments from oversea buyers. Please contact with us for more specification and good price.

Products Specification



OE No.: 9072873

Car type: Chevrolet New Epica


The operation of a blower motor is relatively simple. When voltage is applied to the electric motor, it spins. ... When heat is desired, air flow from the blower motor is directed to pass through the heater core. That causes the air to heat up, and hot air is subsequently blown out of the air vents.

Wenzhou Beigong Automobile Electric Company was established in June 12, 1992. We are specialized in the production of automobile radiator fan, automobile blower motor, and has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of the automobile cooling system.

 At the same time, in order to ensure the outstanding performance of each product, we have set up a dustless laboratory, equipped with air volume tester, room temperature durability test stand, vibration test stand, quiet room, high and low temperature alternating test chamber, Rain test chamber, salt spray test machine and other advanced test equipment. and the product will be made the most strict test and experiment in the industry by the trained and assessed staff on every performance indicators of the product.


What’s your Lead Time?

Regularly within 35 days after payment of deposit.


Adopts good material box and special structure box which are suitable for long-distance road transportation and various types of weather conditions. 

How about After-Sales Service?

We provide 1 year warranty period since the shipping date.

Whats the MOQ?

   Usually our MOQ is 100pcs for each item. Trial order, you can contact our sales for further communication.

Any certifications?

Yes. We has passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality certification and ISO / TS16949 automobile industry quality management system certification in November 2004. And we also have several technical patents.

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